How to Become a Master Arborist

The master arborist or board certified Master arborist credential signifies professional arborists that have achieved the highest standard of arboriculture available from the International Society of Arboricultural Arborists and one of its two highest levels in the industry. Those with this credential typically hold a variety of different arborists certifications, including those from the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and the ASAA (American Society of Arboriculturists). A number of other organizations recognize their qualifications as well.

Anyone interested in becoming a Master arborist should make sure they have at least a bachelor’s degree in arboriculture. It is also important to have training in landscaping, horticulture, or landscape architecture. In addition, arborist students will usually have to complete specific courses to become a Master arborist.

A Master arborist’s education typically focuses on the fundamentals of arboriculture. This may include a variety of classes about the history of arboriculture, types of trees, species of arbors, different types of arbors for each type of trees and shrubs, and even types of structures like arbors and trellises. Additionally, students will study the structures that arbors are built from, how to build them, and how to maintain them over time. Other training can include reading books about tree care and maintaining trees as well as learning about environmental issues that affect the trees that are being grown.

After having successfully completed a degree in arboriculture, the graduate student will then apply to the ASAA (American Society of Arboriculturists) to earn their Master certification. Those that are approved will be given an Accreditation Number and can then apply to the Arborist Registry in order to find jobs and gain certification.

Certification is not the only way to obtain certification. Individuals can become certified by demonstrating skills at various different levels of arboristry that they possess.

The Master arborist certificate should help someone to prove to potential employers that they have the skills they need to maintain and improve their arbors as well as that they have a strong interest in this type of career. With this kind of certification, arborist’s can often earn more money and have better job opportunities than they had before.

Another certification a Master arborist can obtain is the Master arborist association (MASA). This certification is earned by working with other arborist’s to work towards earning this particular certification. Many apprenticeships will also require their apprentices to complete a certain number of hours in a certain number of years as well as work towards getting this certification. MASA certification allows the individual to work as a member of the association, but without being a member they cannot take the responsibility of teaching and managing the arbors that their apprentices work on.

Other Certification can also be obtained, such as the International Master Arborist Association (IMAA) certification. The International Masters Arborist Association is the most common of these two certifications.

Becoming a Master arborist does not have to cost a lot of money. Many schools will provide a Master arborist training program for those who are interested in continuing their education. Those who do this type of training will normally receive a certificate or diploma after completing their training.